About Me

Welcome to My Monkey Bike!

After nearly 30 years in the street rod industry as a professional street rod builder and shop owner I felt it was finally time to change gears… four to be exact!

Darrel in his customized tan roadster on a scenic street.  Palm trees, cobble stone, flowers, and sunlight are visible.  Comprised of several custom parts.
Darrell in his custom rebuilt roadster

I was looking for a new challenge- something that would keep my engineering, design, and fabrication skills sharp. Eventually we started thinking about two wheels instead of four.

In early 2019 I began checking our local motorcycle dealers for something new and interesting to work on. I found exactly what I was looking for- one of the coolest little motorcycles to come down the pike in a long time- the 125 Honda monkey. After seeing the little monkey bike in person I was pretty much set on getting one. With a good imagination and attention to detail I was sure I can make this already cool bike look even cooler.

My monkey bike is a family-owned and operated business. My wife and I have been married for 39 years, so I wanted to get her involved early and was excited to share my plans with her before actually investing in this adventure. After sharing my excitement and the possibilities of creating some new parts and accessories for the Honda monkey she thought it was a great idea and was in full support. So we set out to buy one!

… the only problem was she liked the Red Monkey and I liked the Yellow.

So we bought both the Red and the Yellow 2019 models! Problem solved. After all- they were for research and development!

After getting the little monkey bikes home I immediately started brainstorming some new ideas for parts and accessories. After months of developing and testing all of our new accessories it was time to see what everyone else thought. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it encouraged us to expand our business onto the internet. You can check out the fruits of our labors in our shop.

Thank you for dropping by!