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The BoreWhip™ is a fast and portable cleaning kit designed to make cleaning guns quick and painless.  This kit is specifically designed for small-bore firearms that may be more time consuming to clean.  ( 9mm / .357 / .38 / 5.56 )

Using the BoreWhip is easy- you simply pull the cable through the bore, slide the cable into the slot in the handle, and pull the cable right through the bore.  The patch adapter is small enough to pull a patch through most 9mm and 22cal handguns without disassembly for a quick and easy bore clean at your favorite gun range.
No screwing and unscrewing. The handle works on both ends of the cable.

Each part in the kit fit nicely into its own storage pouch with a little extra room for additional supply. Each kit is hand built and assembled right here in the USA.


  • 1x  2″(length) Speedy Handle
  • 1x 23″(length) Cable
  • 1x 9″(length) Cable
  • 1x 5.56/.22 Bore Mop
  • 1x 5.56/.22 Bore Brush
  • 1x 9mm/.357/.38 Universal Bore Brush
  • Storage Tubes
  • Cotton patches for all calibers
  • Storage pouch with quick clip (Available in all Black, Black with red stripe, Black with blue stripe.)

Cables are high-quality 304 stainless steel with black PVC outer coating. Cables terminate in a solid brass patch loop on one.  They terminate in one 8/32 brush adapter on the other end.

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